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Beh I wanna watch Wimbledon! - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Beh I wanna watch Wimbledon!
気持: pouty
But I have to be either sleeping or at work during the hours it's on (and I don't have cable) so I guess I'll settle for having their nifty realtime scoreboard up while I'm at work. I'm thinking about listening to the commentary as well, but I find audio-only sports difficult to follow, and besides that I'd have to stop it every time the phone rings or someone comes in, so that's kinda pointless.

Also, I have the mother of all toothaches.

It all started 5 years ago when I went to get my wisdom teeth pulled, because they were crowding up my other teeth (especially in my lower jaw) and causing amazing amounts of pain because they had come in nearly sideways. The inside of my lower jaw curves inward quite a bit toward the back. The last lower molar on the right side had already come in at something like a 75-degree angle to the rest of my teeth, and the wisdom teeth had come in turned even farther inward than that. I was probably going to lose them anyway, and in the meantime they were causing enormous amounts of pain and difficulty chewing. Really they shouldn't have been allowed to come in at all, but we didn't have dental insurance at the time, nor the money to pay out-of-pocket for extremely-pain-sensitive me to have dental surgery with adequate pain medication.

So 5 years ago when my parents had specially gotten dental insurance so that my dad's teeth could be fixed yet again (he had horrible teeth when he had real ones, and unfortunately I've inherited them), I insisted that they do something about my wisdom teeth while I was home from Phoenix on summer break. So I had them removed, and at the same time they planned to whittle down that other sideways molar and put a crown on there so it'd be right-way-up and useable. But while they did actually whittle down that molar and prepare it for a crown, they had planned on affixing the crown a week after removing the stitches from the surgery on my wisdom teeth, even though my mother and I had both told them repeatedly that I'd be leaving the state for 10 months just a couple of days later. So when I came back the following summer, of course the crown they'd made the year before didn't fit. And they wanted just over $500 (which the insurance wouldn't cover, because they considered it to be my fault) to remake it, which we didn't have, and (at least at that time) that dentist required the bill to be paid in full before the work was done.

So for 5 years I've had an enamelless half-molar on the lower right hand side. I'm surprised I wasn't in excruciating pain long before now.

And, surprise surprise, I don't have dental insurance. So... oh hell, have a poll:

Poll #517232 Dental Woes

What should I do?

Go to the dentist that's already got my records (he has payment plans now), assuming he still has them, since he would know the most about what's going on
Scramble around to get dental insurance, then go back to the previous dentist
Scramble around to get dental insurance, then find a new dentist closer to home who doesn't play funeral muzak in the office
Try to get an appointment at the dental school, because at least there it might be affordable

So there you go. Something's actually happened in my life. Sort of. XP
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tizzle_b From: tizzle_b Date: Tuesday 21st June 2005 16.15 (UTC) (Link)
Although, that said, I've no real idea what the deal is with American dental insurance and treatment. Does the insurance allow treatment if you've got a pre-existing condition at the time of gaining the insurance?
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Tuesday 21st June 2005 16.30 (UTC) (Link)
Depends on the policy. Generally any policy that covers pre-existing conditions is more expensive (and harder to find) than one that doesn't. Hopefully I could manage to find a dental-only plan to keep the costs down, but I'm not sure. For now I'm trying to see if I can get in at the dental college before September...