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Whatever. - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: quixotic
I had just typed up a long, boring entry about the saga of getting my a/c fixed, which a power blink mercifully saved you all from having to read ignore.

Suffice it to say that my a/c and my DSL modem both broke on Friday, and I resolved both problems on Sunday, because I work on Saturday and my apartment complex is reluctant to fix anything when you're not there, especially if you have pets. The maintenance guy left bits of wire all in my bathtub (apparently the fan unit for my a/c is located in the ceiling above the bathtub), but that's a small price to pay for air conditioning when it's nearly 100F outside.

I've also discovered that I sleep better with a warmer room and no covers than I do with a cooler room and a sheet and blanket. Well, I sleep deeper, which makes it more difficult to wake up in the morning and also gives me an awful, pounding whole-head headache in the morning, which I previously got only when I was unexpectedly awakened from REM sleep. I don't know if this just means I need to start going to bed earlier, or what.

Also, my cat has started biting and playing with my feet in the mornings. It's always after the alarm goes off, so it's not as if he's bothering me when I shouldn't be up anyway, but it's still a bit annoying. But I suppose it helps me get up. My dad used to do something similar when I was little.

Okay, so grabbing me by the feet and pulling me off the bed isn't exactly the same... ^_^;;

Odd. For the past 30 minutes or so, my left ear has been feeling like it's all wet inside, like I just went swimming or something. But I assure you, my ear has been nowhere near water for something like 10 hours. The wet feeling wouldn't annoy me so much if I couldn't feel my heartbeat every time air moved past my ear. Gah.

No, I haven't been to the dentist yet. But my tooth stopped hurting, so... I don't know. I still need to see a dentist. I just wish I could afford it.

Oh, there should be a friends-only entry above this one.
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