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Weekend sucked. I work Saturdays anyway, so my chances of having a… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Weekend sucked. I work Saturdays anyway, so my chances of having a good one are down 50% in the first 12 hours, so it's not surprising that good weekends are rare.

My little brother started his freshman year of high school last Wednesday. As a consequence, he was dropped off with me on Saturday evening so I could help him with his math homework. Initially I'd agreed to look it over on Sunday, when I was going to visit my parents anyway, but he needed a physical for sports (he's in bloody golf, I don't know why you need a physical for that), and that was scheduled for Sunday morning, but... Hey wait a minute. I was suckered into letting him spend the night here and getting up at 8am to drive him home for nothing!

Well, not really. While my dad took him to the clinic for his physical, my mom took me shopping. To be honest, I hate shopping with a passion. But it's the only way to get new clothes, and I need some very very badly. But while we found everything else we were looking for, we didn't find me any new pants, and I really desperately need some. So she told me to find them on my own and she'd pay for them.

Then, I had to set up my brother's new laptop to use the wireless access point in my parents' house. I was tearing my hair out and screaming at people before I saw that the good people at HP had for some reason seen fit to give the wireless card an on/off switch on the case, and it was switched off.

Then I drove home in a heavy thunderstorm.

Then there were some miscellaneous other problems that are really too stupid to detail here. ><

So yes, sucky weekend.

Now I'm off for 4 days straight. They think this will be some sort of compensation for having to work all this weekend, and then working the 26th to the 3rd straight with no days off... But it can't be helped. There's a facility with no managers right now, which takes away the company's only relief manager. The Coppell managers had already scheduled their vacation from the 27th to the 3rd when we found out Bruce would be coming home from Iraq for 2 weeks on the 18th... I'm going to need a vacation after this... ><
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