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Fuck you, Rita!!! - love like me ・ 日記 — LiveJournal
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Fuck you, Rita!!!
気持: hot

While I'm glad that Galveston and Houston didn't get slammed by a hurricane, I am rather annoyed at that high-pressure system sitting just to the west that pushed all that rain to the east. It's been like a sauna outside for the past week, and while we had a day's respite due to the wind from the hurricane, we didn't get any rain, and today it's blistering outside again.

The average high temperature for the month of September for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is 89F. For the past week, it's been hovering around 100F (except yesterday, which was a breezy 87F, and felt really good by comparison), and the average for the first 24 days of September has been 95F. It has been doing that annoying thing it does every autumn, where it gets comparatively cold at night so that you need a jacket in the morning, and then gets so hot in the day that by noon it's really annoying to have to be carrying around your jacket, only it's been hotter than usual, so that you're shedding your jacket and complaining about the heat by 9AM, if you even bothered to wear one, which I don't, seeing as that by 9AM it's over 80F out.

I really wanted some rain...
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