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open-locked - love like me ・ 日記 — LiveJournal
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Yes, I understand why people are confused when we first say this, because in general you can't lock things open. But you can lock your storage unit open.

The latch consists of two horizontal plates. The bottom one is stationary, and the top one is attaches to the bolt that goes into the door frame. If it is slid to the left, the door can be opened. If it is slid to the right so that the plates are aligned, the door will not open.

These horizontal plates each have two holes in them, that will line up when the latch is closed. These are the holes you put your lock through. There are two places for locks -- NOT to allow you to use two locks, but to allow us to put a second lock on there if you choose not to pay us. If you look down on the latch from the top and you can see more than two holes, the latch is NOT closed, and you should NOT put your lock in there.

If you do, you will notice that even though there is a lock on it, you can still open the door. If someone else happens to notice this, you might just come back to find your stuff missing. We try to call people when we notice this, but we don't always catch it immediately, and sometimes you people don't answer your phone, or don't check your messages, or neglected to give us your correct phone number. There is nothing we can do about that, so it will do you no good to yell at us.

So don't do it.

On a more personal note, there's really nothing new. My sister (okayakeiei) and I went to visit our paternal grandparents on the 6th, because that's my grandmother's birthday. She was thrilled, and even my grandfather seemed to be having a good day. He's on home hospice, and nobody really knows how much longer he's got. He manages to get to the table to eat, still, but he sleeps with a ventilator.

The 7th was my sister's birthday, and she dragged me to see the Wallace and Gromit movie, under very little protest. I enjoyed it.

And then on Saturday I went to Pokémon Rocks America with raditzsex and Holly, and I got a Metang that knows Refresh, and the Mysticticket, which lets you catch Lugia and Ho-oh. And I bought a Ho-oh plushie, which I may or may not post a picture of later.

That's pretty much it.
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dansaikyo From: dansaikyo Date: Wednesday 12th October 2005 16.03 (UTC) (Link)
I. Want. A. Mysticticket. ;________;
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Wednesday 12th October 2005 19.07 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, it's a real bummer that they only go to 5 cities every year with this thing.

2 years ago I was lucky enough to get the Eon Ticket (the one that lets you catch whichever Lati@s you don't already have) because my sister had a subscription to Nintendo Power and an E-Reader, plus the ticket could be traded.

Last year there was the Aurora Ticket, that would let you catch Deoxys. Unfortunately, it wasn't an E-Reader card, and I really couldn't be bothered to drive 5 hours to Houston to get one.

This one can't be traded, which really sucks hard... But there are other ways to get Lugia and Ho-oh, if you have a Gamecube and some patience... But when you get to the island in Emerald (the ticket also works in FireRed/LeafGreen), the music goes all Crystal-version, and if you look at the map, you're not in Hoenn anymore. It's really quite awesome.

There are also rumors that "soon" (don't know if that means when Pearl and Diamond are released, or what) we'll be able to catch EVERYTHING, hopefully including Mew and Celebi... I hope they also have all the old areas plus a new one, and 32 badges, and tons of new plot, and more battle games...

I'm not obsessed. I swear.
dansaikyo From: dansaikyo Date: Wednesday 12th October 2005 19.23 (UTC) (Link)
I hope that's true about Pearl and Diamond come out because I'm going crazy not being able to get a Mew or Deoxys or Celebi.

I got an Eon ticket from my brother's NP subscription, but I never got an Aurora ticket. You don't want to know how much of a bidding war I got into on e-bay to try and get one. I just assumed it was an e-reader ticket. Now I'm glad I didn't win it. LOL
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Wednesday 12th October 2005 19.32 (UTC) (Link)
They said there would be machines in selected stores where you could get an Aurora ticket, but apparently that only applied to the northeast...

I'd actually completely forgotten about the Eon ticket until I got involved in a record-mixing marathon with Holly (trading Hipsters back and forth to fill our word lists) with a gamelink cable, and the Eon ticket from her Sapphire game got transferred over to my Emerald.
dansaikyo From: dansaikyo Date: Wednesday 12th October 2005 19.44 (UTC) (Link)
I haven't seen any of those. I'd heard about that too, but they never come out to the west coast. I don't get why... HELLO! MOST POPULOUS STATE IN THE UNION!!!! TONS OF ASIAN PEOPLE AND PEOPLE WHO LIKE ASIAN STUFF!!! COME HERE WITH YOUR VIDEO GAME SHITE!!!! >__<;;

I wish I knew people IRL besides my brother that played Pokemon. I don't have anyone to trade with or anything. >:( *pouts*
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Wednesday 12th October 2005 19.52 (UTC) (Link)
Well, really it's just me, my sister, my best friend, and her daughter. But I guess that's enough people to do everything in the game that requires more than one person...
dansaikyo From: dansaikyo Date: Wednesday 12th October 2005 20.07 (UTC) (Link)
Exactly. And I have... one... person (me) so, I go through the games and trade with myself to complete my pokedex, but there are certain things you just can't do alone. (No, I didn't mean for that to sound innuendoish.)
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Wednesday 12th October 2005 20.12 (UTC) (Link)
I wouldn't have thought you meant it that way, but you're very correct on both counts...