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... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: anxious
音楽: 大石秀一郎 (近藤孝行) - TWO
So Bruce arrived at about 3:15, dropped off by another soldier who had rented a car to drive to his home in Abilene. He brought a dozen pink roses. It was really sweet... I'll spare you all the depressive rant, but you can find me on MSN (check my userinfo page) if you wanna hear some whining. ^_~ (Or just want to talk. Or whine at me. Or whatever. I'm on Yahoo occasionally as well but not quite as reliably as I'm on MSN)

Still no word on the schedule. Legally he can't be required to return to work for 90 days, but he says that since he'll likely be doing some work anyway1, he might as well be officially employed and get paid for it...but I still don't know whether he's going to opt to return to work immediately, or wait a few weeks, or what. But that's his decision to make, and what it actually means for me is still up in the air, and I hate that.

1 That's how mini-storage work is, if you're the manager. Even if you're technically off, if you don't actually leave the premises you end up getting sucked into working. Living on property means you don't have to pay rent or utilities, and you don't spend much in gas, but it also means being on call pretty much anytime you're home.
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