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Better late than never? - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Better late than never?
音楽: aiko - スター
Okay, I've been meaning to upload this thing for months, and I'm finally doing it, now that the music is all thoroughly stale. But I'm betting that it's new to most of you...

I feel compelled to warn y'all that it's all Japanese Pop and R&B music in here, in case some of you would rather pass on that sort of thing on principle. Some of it is cheesy. But this mix tells a story, at least for me. You can make up your own if you like.

Soundtrack for an Imaginary Relationship

01. Koda Kumi - Yume With You
02. m-flo loves BoA - The Love Bug
03. Judy and Mary - Cheese Pizza
04. Chikuzen Sato - Mokuren no Namida
05. YUKI - Koibito yo
07. Sasagawa Miwa - Tomenaide
08. Hirai Ken - Hitomi o Tojite
09. CHEMISTRY - Monologue
11. Bonnie Pink - Thinking of You
12. Koda Kumi - 24

The first and last tracks are sort of like bookends, and opening and ending theme, if you will. Track 12 is newer and more well-known than track 1 (which is the B-side from the "Crazy 4 U" single), but I think they tie the whole thing together well.

Track 2 is actually a duet of solo artists, a rapper called m-flo (AKA Verbal) and a Korean pop singer called BoA (she sings primarily in Japanese, from what I understand, even though she's actually Korean). This m-flo guy has a lot of duets with female singers with the artist listed as "m-flo loves X", most of these songs being in the style of the female artist he's singing with. This one is actually better than the majority of BoA's songs, in my opinion...

Ahh, Judy & Mary... I'm not sure if this one or "Motto" (No, don't say it like that! It's Japanese, not English!) is my favorite song of theirs ("Motto" isn't anything like this song at all). I really miss them.

Track 4... Sorry, I don't know anything about this one. I'm not even sure if this is a guy or a band.

Track 5 is one of the girls from Judy & Mary in her solo career. Val thinks she was cuter with the blonde hair, but I'm not so sure. Either way, she's cute. And strange. Check out "Joy" if you like this one.

Track 6 really isn't representative of Orange Range's style at all, but it fits well with the theme I've got going on here. You can hear the cherry blossoms falling. If you want to hear something a little more characteristic, go find "Locolotion" or "Shanghai Honey" or... just about anything else, really. Except maybe "Kizuna".

Again, track 7 is one I don't know much about. Sorry.

Okay, I'm actually a little embarrassed of track 8. Really. This is the sort of guy people's moms have a poster calendar of. Guy in a suit with no tie, a partially-open shirt, too much hair gel, and 5 o'clock shadow. But I can't help loving this song despite the thick layer of Cheez Whiz. It's all about the theme.

Track 9 is a R&B duo I happen to love. Think Boyz II Men, only with fewer guys. And Japanese. And hotter.

Technically track 10 is rap, and it doesn't so much fit with the theme, but I couldn't bear to leave it out. It's just so catchy. I dare you not to do a little dance.

I'm not really an enormous fan of Bonnie Pink, and this isn't my favorite one of her songs, but since I was going for a theme... Well, the songs I like better than this one are too angsty. I almost put "5 more minutes" in, but it really doesn't fit at all...

And track 12 is the other Koda Kumi bookend (mmm, Koda Kumi bookends...). She sang the songs in FFX-2, you know. Also, she's delicious. If you like girls, that is, and I know most of you don't.

Let me know if there are problems with the YouSendIt file...
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dansaikyo From: dansaikyo Date: Tuesday 13th December 2005 15.20 (UTC) (Link)
I'd DL it but I can't since I'm on shitastic dial-up. >:(
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Tuesday 13th December 2005 16.46 (UTC) (Link)
I'm not sure you'd like it anyway... There's no screaming or heavy electric guitar. ^_~
dansaikyo From: dansaikyo Date: Tuesday 13th December 2005 16.59 (UTC) (Link)
Hey, I listened to my share of j-pop back in teh day. ;) I even own the Koda Kumi CD 2 into 1 or whatever the fuck it is. And she's totally hot, I'd do her - if I were not hetero-challenged that is.

You need to make some lesbodian friends, or alternately, straight guy friends. :PPPPP
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Tuesday 13th December 2005 17.06 (UTC) (Link)
How can I help it if everyone I know is a straight girl or a gay man?

Actually, I know plenty of straight guys... They're all married. ¬¬
dansaikyo From: dansaikyo Date: Tuesday 13th December 2005 18.47 (UTC) (Link)
Well, this is where you channel your gyno-powers into breaking up the relationships of your straight guy friends that are married and insinuating yourself into their lives. :D

If they're married though and you just want someone to BS with about hot girls, I'm sure they'd oblige. :)
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Tuesday 13th December 2005 20.36 (UTC) (Link)
That first suggestion never turns out to be as fun as it sounds on paper. No, it actually is fun in some respects, but in general it burns bridges and leaves you more miserable than you were to start with. (Erm, yeah.)

I suppose I could send you a CD, but if I was going to that much trouble I wouldn't bother with a themed mix and just send a bunch of J-Rap mp3s. ^_~
dansaikyo From: dansaikyo Date: Tuesday 13th December 2005 21.32 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I can totally get what you mean. It's like the... messing around with a straight guy. Sounds fun, is fun in the moment, then leads to.... untold drama and broken relationships. *le sigh* Erm. I guess just try to be one of the guys and talk about how hot whatever girls you think are hot are.

LOL - I wasn't trying to hit you up for a CD, but if you wanted to send me one, I wouldn't hit "return to sender". ;) I've not heard much j-rap. I don't know if it would fill me with glee or horror. Maybe both! :O Kind of like how M.I.A. (Indian-British female rapper) is so horrible that I love it. *listens to Galang - M.I.A.*
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Tuesday 13th December 2005 21.58 (UTC) (Link)
Well if I send you a CD, I won't be telling you about it first. I like to surprise people (which is a bit ironic considering that I don't much like being surprised).

Japanese rap is a little odd, though. It's more old-sk00l in style, and tends to be... happy? Not so often about killin' cops and runnin' drugs and representin' in da hood as it is about partying and having fun and (of all things) world peace. But that's Japan for you.