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Some Photos [and a meme] - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Some Photos [and a meme]

That would be the cat, an origami bunny I made (inspired by heyjana), and some tulips mrurth sent me (yay!).

The origami bunny playing in the raffia the tulips were packed in.

EDIT: First lines meme. Ganked from tizzle_b

Month: Subject - First line. Simple, eh?

January: You're all skipping these anyway, but just to make you have to scroll, I'm not cutting this. - You know how they say that whatever you do on the first day of the year, you do all year long?
February: [no subject] - Okay.
March: [no subject] - Not much new to report, really.
April: [no subject] - I haven't read LJ in several days, for a number of reasons.
May: Public Service Announcement - I've been in the self-storage industry for nearly 20 years.
June: [no subject] - I got the weirdest call at work today.
July: My body hates me - Really.
August: Beh. >< - Apparently there are ants living inside the doorjamb of my bedroom door.
September: Right, that's it. - About 3 months ago, my downstairs neighbors moved out.
October: Yey Pokémons! - Battle Frontier is yey!
November: Half-finished scarf - The scarf I'm working on for my great-aunt's Christmas present, just after joining the second skein of yarn.
December: Tezuka loves me. I swear. - My car and its oil are clean, and I have food.
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