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For no discernable reason I was unable to fall asleep last night… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
For no discernable reason I was unable to fall asleep last night until at least 5am. Additionally, I somehow managed to bite my tongue at some point while I was asleep. So here I am at work trying to avoid falling asleep in addition to my usual efforts at avoiding answering the phone. Biting my tongue again, this time on purpose, is looking better and better.

Also, I don't think I posted about it before, but there's been a bit of a banking saga going on. I have been attempting for a month or so now to switch banks1. I signed up with the new bank online and was assured I'd have the papers to sign within 5-7 business days after I applied online, and within 3 weeks of returning them I'd have my shiny new debit card and be able to do all the marvelous things you can do when you have a shiny new bank account, like put money in it. I went through all the online application business on January 3rd. I would say that I have yet to receive anything, but that's not strictly true. This past week I received a statement showing the $25 opening deposit I made electronically. I'd put more in there electronically but for some reason2 their online system says this account doesn't exist.

I suppose the best remedy for this is to go sit in one of their branch locations and refuse to budge until somebody sorts this out, but that's likely to take all day, and that's if I go on a weekday. If I try it on Saturday, when they're only open 3 hours anyway, I don't think I'll be able to get anywhere.

So I'm going to call. Wish me luck.

1 This decision mostly prompted by the New Debit Card Saga of 2005, which I assume was complicated by the fact that my current account was opened in Arizona and I live in Texas, and rather than open a new account and close the old one to simplify the bank's life, I preferred to simplify my life and keep the out-of-state account. This resulted in a massive runaround between 2 or 3 customer service reps in the national call center, after which I had to actually go into a branch and involve an actual human being, who called another human being in the branch I opened the account at... All of which solved nothing, and I ended up having to deal with customer service again. And having to report my debit card stolen, when in fact I believe they never actually sent it. This of course forced me to try to remember everything that was being automatically debited using my card number and change it to the new number, which of course I couldn't do until I actually received the new card. Thankfully in the meantime there weren't any awful mishaps, but the experience inspired me to seek out a new bank. I probably still won't close that account, though...
2 Yes, the reason being that I haven't signed the papers they haven't sent me, I know.
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