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I don't have the patience for this. - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
I don't have the patience for this.
気持: irate
Working today.

Phone call, 8:15am:

Customer: Yeah, I'd like to pay my bill... I'm not late yet, am I?
Me: Yes, I'm afraid you're late.
Customer: When does the late fee get charged? It's due on the 1st, isn't it?
Me: Technically, your lease date is the 1st, which means your rent is due the day before that, meaning it's late after the 4th.
Customer: Oh. Well, I suppose you can't waive the late fees, since you've waived them before.
Me: That's right.
Customer: Wait, is this Cindy?
Me: No, this is Kym. Cindy's off today.
Customer: Is Cindy the owner? She always waives my late fees.
Me: Cindy's the manager, and I can't waive your late fees.
Customer: Well, can you ask Cindy when she comes back, if she'll waive my late fees, and have her call me?
Me: ........ Sure.

Walk-in, 9:30am:
A visit from a customer renting an RV parking space

Customer: I guess we're suspended because we're late. We've been on vacation. It's kinda hard to pay when you're on vacation. [hands me a check]
Me: Well, we do take payments over the phone... [accesses records in computer] You're not late yet. Tomorrow you would have been, though. :)
Customer: Well, we stopped by yesterday but you were closed.
Me: You can always use the night drop...
Customer: No, I need a receipt. (Apparently she actually meant "I don't trust you not to steal my money and say I didn't pay", but quite honestly, altering checks is more trouble than her $80 is worth.)
Me: Alright, there's your receipt.
Customer: Will you open the gate now?
Me: Yes, your code should work now.
Customer: [rolls eyes] No, will you open it from in here so my husband can drive through it.
Me: ........ Uhh, sure. (Sure, no problem, you shouldn't have to get your fat ass out of the RV to punch in the code, it's not like we need to keep track of who goes in and out...)

5 minutes later, same customer: There's a cargo trailer in the way! It's in front of the building opposite our space!
Me: Yes, that's a rented space.
Customer: In front of the building?!
Me: No, actually it's at the end of the building. It's not blocking anything. (It's inside a corner formed by the ends of two buildings... This lady actually argued with me for several minutes whether or not that trailer was in between buildings or in front of the building.)
Customer: So how are we supposed to get a 40-foot RV in our space with a cargo trailer in front of the building opposite?!
Me: Like I said, it's a rented space. There's nothing I can do about it.
Customer: It wasn't there when we left at the first of July!
Me: [checks records] Yes it was. That space has been rented since last September. It may not have actually been parked there when you left, but it's been rented longer than that.
Customer: Well how do you expect me to get into my space!
Me: ...... Nobody else has complained. (True. And that cargo trailer is potentially in the way of 3 other large RVs.)
Customer: [leaving] You don't want my husband to come in here.
Me: ......

She didn't come back, so apparently it wasn't as bad as all that. I'm guessing they just had to actually pay attention to where they were driving instead of just whipping into their space...

Possibly to be edited later...
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dansaikyo From: dansaikyo Date: Wednesday 30th August 2006 14.25 (UTC) (Link)
murder should be legal when you work in a job where you have to deal with the general public - that's all I'm saying