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Customers. [profanity inside] - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Customers. [profanity inside]
1. Actual transcript of a call I had today:

Me: Thanks for calling blah blah blah etc
Customer (cutting me off): Before we get into this, I have a Macintosh, so I need someone who is equipped to deal with a Mac.
Me: I can help you with that. (Yes, we're trained to say this, but I wasn't fucking lying)
Customer: Okay, and where are you located?
Me: I'm not allowed to disclose that information for security reasons, however I can tell you that I'm in the United States...

That's when I noticed she'd HUNG UP! WTF! Does it really matter what part of the country the person you reached is in? Do I sound Indian to you?! WTF!!

2. This call was too long for a transcript, but I'll try to explain what was going on.

You all know how it works when some major thing, like your DSL line, is broken. You call, they tell you they'll send a guy out, you tell them what day you want, they give you a window. If it's the phone or the electric company, they usually give you some insane window like 8am-7pm (seriously, this is the window our dispatch team needs, in case they run behind).

This guy calls, having plugged his DSL modem into the NID (the phone box where all the lines go into the building), asking me to test his line now. There's an indicator on his account that he's called a lot lately, so I check the previous notes. This guy has TWO previous dispatch approvals, both with notes from the dispatch team saying that he refused the dispatch because he wasn't going to take off work unless we were going to pay him $35/hr to sit at home (dispatches can only be scheduled on weekdays). Apparently he thought that by plugging his modem directly into the NID, and showing that the line test came out the same, that we would fix the problem without having to schedule a dispatch. However, that's not how it works, because someone has to be there to grant the technician access in order for the technician to even check the line at the NID.

I explained that to him, and then he proceeds to yell at me about how he has a hereditary medical condition that has been untreated for some time, and without the internet he can't select a primary care physician on his insurance so he can go to the doctor, and can't pay any of his bills, and that if we can't fix this without sending a guy to his house on a weekday, he's going to cancel his service. Then he hangs up.

o_O WTF. Last I checked, insurance companies had phone numbers. And if you really have no other option but to pay your bills on the internet (as if), does this guy not know anyone at all whose internet is working? Is there not a friggin public library? Yeah, I understand not wanting to pay your bills on someone else's computer, but if you're too damn lazy to write a damn check, what are you going to do? He's obviously too lazy to pick up the fucking phone and call places and pay with his credit card...but not too lazy to call his fucking ISP 5 times in one day bitching about how much more important his internet usage is than everyone else's. WTF.
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