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Update! - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
While I wait a few minutes to finish my beverage (and for the Advil PM to kick in), here's what's been going on:

- Sister is at grandmother's house, recovering from gallbladder surgery. I haven't been able to have a long and private enough conversation with her to find out if she's decided what she's going to do from here on, but things are looking better. Not going out there this weekend either, though.

- Having an awful lot of trouble with the sleep schedule. Lots of trouble sleeping on work days (hence the Advil PM), followed by complete and total lethargy on days off. This is probably a sign I need a vacation, or a sign that I need to eat more vegetables. Ideally I'd do both, but I can't really afford either of those right now...

- Teeth have also been giving me fits (hence Advil PM and not just Unisom or something). I don't know when I started grinding in my sleep, but I must be, even though I've never actually noticed it. Plus usual ongoing tooth problems that come from not having had my teeth cleaned (or even looked at, really) in nearly 15 years on account of the last time I was covered by dental insurance was 1994. I almost wish I'd had horribly crooked teeth so my parents would have felt compelled to keep me covered, rather than concentrating their energies on the mess in my dad's mouth to the exclusion of all else. Unfortunately, I've inherited my mom's straight teeth and my dad's weak enamel...and had chronic jaw ache half my life. I'm all for national healthcare if it means I can afford to get my fucking teeth fixed.

- Chronic backache worsening again as I continue to lose weight. Am starting to think I should just maintain this weight and see how it goes, though getting a bra that actually fits would help, if I ever had the energy to spend the requisite several hours in several stores to do so. The trigger band in my left shoulder had gone down to a dull ache most of the time for a while, but is worsening again lately. Getting another cortisone shot in it at this point is just not financially feasible. It'd help if I wasn't bloody left-handed, and had a better chair at work. Knitting is out of the question.

- It's about time to take the cat to the vet again, too. I think I should be able to afford that, though, provided they don't find anything wrong with him. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him, though, so that should be okay.

- Work, apart from the chair and the obnoxiously long shifts, is good. Well, as good as something you still call "work" can be. In another month or so I should be actually hired, and hopefully my medical insurance prospects will be better (I declined the insurance from the contracting company, because they wanted $300/month for the only policy that was halfway decent. Cheapest policy was $175/month, and covered practically nothing, so I said no thanks).

All things considered, not too bad really. Time to go to bed now.
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erisedraine From: erisedraine Date: Wednesday 27th August 2008 17.47 (UTC) (Link)
National Healthcare doesn't really cover everyone completely unless you are under 20 or a senior. And even then, at least in my province, it only covers you for eye exams, doctor and hospital visits, not dental checkups. Pretty much everybody who doesn't have insurance provided by their workplace has to pay for dental checkups.

I think my dentist charges me about $60 for a cleaning and a checkup... are the dentists in the States really expensive or something?
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Wednesday 27th August 2008 22.52 (UTC) (Link)
$60 for a cleaning and a checkup sounds like the price around here if you have dental insurance. I can tell you that when I've had workplace insurance, medical was okay (as long as you never needed to go to the hospital or needed any sort of treatment other than common prescriptions), vision coverage tends to be very good even at bad jobs (if they offer nothing else, there's usually a half decent vision plan... which is lovely, seeing as my vision is fine), and dental coverage tends to be practically nonexistent. Cleanings and checkups are covered but generally not much else, but tons of companies don't offer dental insurance at all, hence why I haven't been covered in 14 years. My parents went to the trouble of purchasing private dental insurance to get my dad's teeth fixed, but at private rates they could afford only to cover him. That ended with him getting false teeth at around the age of 45...
hnpcc From: hnpcc Date: Thursday 28th August 2008 00.51 (UTC) (Link)
Out of curiosity, how much are vegetables where you are? Rough prices, I'm not asking for huge detail, I'm just curious. I do think you probably need to look at what you're eating, not so much because of the tiredness - the changing work hours plus stress sounds like it's probably mostly the cause of that to me at least, although the fruit/vegies wouldn't make you tireder, so probably not a bad idea from that end. That was a long sentence, that hopefully makes sense.

The back/shoulder thing is a worry and is probably being exacerbated by your work, which is unhelpful to say the least. Normally the backache gets better with weight loss, but then again, it depends on how much weight you're losing, and where you were to start with, ey. I think probably the high stress levels of the last couple of weeks are probably also not helping it.

I'm actually with the "need to take a break" comment. I hope you can get to a point where you can take a holiday, either with your family or not, soon. Yeah, I know, typical Australian - we're all for the holidays!
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Thursday 28th August 2008 05.49 (UTC) (Link)
Fruit and veg aren't prohibitively expensive, but my grocery bill has already doubled in the past year, and they're a lot more expensive than they were. Add that to the fact that I don't have as much time for shopping as I did before my work schedule changed, and I just haven't been eating them. Need to fix that. Or buy multivitamins. Can't hurt, anyway.

See, about the back... I'm rather top-heavy and hourglass-shaped. And weight gained or lost tends to be in the ribs. I was down to 125 lbs (the so-called "healthy weight" for my height) at one point and my back ached constantly. My doctor suggested gaining some weight, and it did help. A couple of years ago I hit my top weight at about 200 lbs and while my back didn't hurt as much I didn't feel good about it (even though no one remotely guessed my weight correctly, I didn't like it). I'm down to around 175 again and the backaches are starting up again. Yes, the stress lately hasn't been helping... the stress would be helped if I could knit, but knitting aggravates my shoulder problems.

I'm thinking that clothes shopping is probably in order. Or it would be if my mom wasn't going out of town this weekend. My friends hate shopping as much as I do, and I can't really be as persistent as I need to be without someone else there to encourage me.