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Baa. - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
  • 08:12 Apparently I have a tiny round bruise on my left shoulder, like I've been poked with a pen. I don't remember this happening, though.
  • 08:35 got bored the other day, watched a couple eps of MacGyver. Today I can't stop humming the stupid theme song. >(
  • 11:44 Yey for going home early, boo for car inspection and dentist appointment.
  • 11:45 @matthuckabee LOL, no I hadn't seen that before!
  • 12:21 Hmm, I wonder if an hour is enough time to allow for a car inspection
  • 14:10 Lesson learned: get your car inspected when it is raining. You have to take a raincheck on the free car wash, but you're out of there in 15.
  • 14:24 was expecting to go straight from car inspection to dentist office, ended up with some time to kill (thanks, rain!)
  • 23:29 accidentally took a 4-hour nap and woke up about 10pm. Bah.
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