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Windows 7 RC - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Windows 7 RC
音楽: Koda Kumi - show girl
My personal verdict? Win.

It took some doing to figure out how to install the video drivers for my ancient (non-DirectX 9) graphics card, but it does actually work, even though it can't do the awesome Aero things. I don't care. It's way better than Vista, which is what's on the newer laptop (which I won't mess with until the final version comes out, if then).

The graphics card was actually the last thing I figured out how to get working. This is the rickety PC that likes to eat NICs, so it doesn't actually have a working conventional ethernet card. And although I know I already downloaded the drivers for this USB/ETH adapter thingy, I can't find them. So I had to fish out the install CD for the Wireless PCI card, install the drivers under protest, only to find out that while the driver does work, it doesn't support encryption. At all.

No problem. Plug ethernet into the laptop, flip the wireless switch on, create unsecured ad hoc network, enable internet connection sharing. Download drivers for the USB adapter. Install drivers, make sure it's working, demolish nasty unsecured ad hoc network.

All in 640x480 mode. But now that the internet was working, I could set myself about figuring out how to trick it into installing graphics drivers. The card is an extremely unremarkable integrated Intel 845G, but I did run into a couple of dead ends until it occurred to me to try running the installer in compatibility mode. Which worked. And didn't take as long as I thought it would.

Anyway, this PC meets the other minimum specs for Windows 7, and it's somehow miraculously actually running faster than XP SP3 was.

Oh, and I saw the Star Trek movie, too. Which I recommend even more enthusiastically. Zachary Quinto is every bit as lickable as Leonard Nimoy ever was. XD
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