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Joy and Exultation... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
Joy and Exultation...
Today at the dentist I was informed that I've met my dental insurance limit for the year. This doesn't surprise me -- I've had a lot of work done, since this is the first time I've had dental insurance since I was 13. I still have 3 or 4 new fillings left to do, and a nice little laundry list of other things, including replacing 3 old fillings, and getting an implant to replace the molar that was extracted at the end of last year1. My dentist, however, is wonderful, and says she'll give me a discount if I go ahead and get the work done anyway. I should be able to afford it if I space out the appointments to one per month, and just get one filling done at a time instead of the 2 we had originally planned for.

On my list of things I'd like to get done eventually is finally getting the braces I've needed forever, because my bite sucks, and the fact that my wisdom teeth extraction was put off until I could barely chew because they were hurting so much (because they were coming in sideways, and there wasn't any goddamn room for them anyway) because we didn't have dental insurance only made matters worse. Yeah, the grammar there was horrible, but I promise you that sentence makes sense.

1 This is the tooth that had the crown debacle after having a root canal when I was 19, and for the past 5 years pieces kept breaking off until finally last summer it broke completely open. I had to wait until November when my dental insurance kicked in to get it extracted (and got extremely lucky that it didn't get infected too badly in the meantime). The tooth above it, however, over the past 9 years has slipped downward, and my dentist tells me that I will need an implant or gravity will eventually cause that tooth to fall out. Hopefully the implant procedure can be put off until next year when my insurance resets...
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hnpcc From: hnpcc Date: Saturday 16th May 2009 06.19 (UTC) (Link)
Your dentist sounds understanding - is it worth asking if you go ahead with the 2 fillings at a time whether you can pay in installments or something? When does the insurance reset? End of the calendar year or the financial one?
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Saturday 16th May 2009 06.38 (UTC) (Link)
Insurance resets at the end of the calendar year. She's already agreed to a 10% discount for paying in cash, and she's said she'd accept payments in installments, so I'm pretty sure I can manage. Without insurance, the fillings come to nearly $200 each, and a normal checkup/cleaning around $150...

On the one hand, it's not as if I'm actually in any pain, but on the other, I'd really like to get all of this done as soon as possible.

I suppose I shouldn't worry... And maybe I wouldn't, if I didn't also have a $500 deductible on my medical insurance that hasn't been met yet. Having the flu a couple weeks ago cost me $140 in doctor fees (and another $100 in prescriptions, but those aren't counted in the deductible).