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slept thru Japanese class again - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
slept thru Japanese class again
気持: sigh
but it was well worth it for the amazing sex dream i had when i shoulda been in class. btw, why is it that i only have amazing sex dreams when i should be awake and doing something else? anyway, my take on the whole Josh incident...

i like Josh. so sue me, that's what i think. and i liked him even before i found out that he's really a sweet guy who just sometimes doesn't communicate that effectively. yes, those comments irritated the hell out of me, and i was sometimes hurt by them. but i think some of you are forgetting that behind every keyborad is a person. a breathing human who, at least in the case of our community, is not setting out to hurt anyone.

so cut him a little slack. i understand that the things he says often seem insensitive and arrogant. but that's a gross misunderstanding of intent, and i don't think it's worth hurting someone for.
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raditzsex From: raditzsex Date: Friday 22nd March 2002 12.50 (UTC) (Link)
I can't sit by and allow him to make hurtful comments and then think it's innocent misunderstanding. Why the hell should I "interpret" everything he has to say, just because he's too stubborn to make a little effort into not hurting people? You *do* realize it hurts us when he does this? And I think everything I've said has been tempered with logic, and I've never said that I don't like him or anything. Just stated exactly how I see the issue.

If he's not going to make the effort to not hurt me, why should I make any effort to him at all?
ang_grrr From: ang_grrr Date: Friday 22nd March 2002 13.20 (UTC) (Link)
All I can say is that to an independant observer, it looked like you had jumped on him for no reason. With more of an explanation, I realised that you had other, previous, reasons, for not agreeing with him over phones.

I'm not saying that you were wrong, but I'm not saying Josh was wrong. And as an isolated incident it looked like you overreacted. You can send me logs where you have suffered numerous slights, and I believe they exist. But don't damn me because in this case I can stand back and show equinamity.
raditzsex From: raditzsex Date: Friday 22nd March 2002 13.25 (UTC) (Link)
If I damned you, I didn't mean to. And whether an £56 phone bill is pricey isn't even the point :) It's how he said it. And I know you've got your opinion, I just know that when he said it, I felt that churn of anger when someone belittles me, but for dsn, because it was a reply to dsn's phone bill.

God that was probably the worst sentence ever written. Bad grammar day.