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i hate it when this happens - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
i hate it when this happens
i'm tired. my muscles are sore, my head hurts and i am practically dead.

so why don't i sleep? because i am inexplicably completely wide awake. i'm thirsty, but the only thing i've got to drink around here is caffeinated soda (the water here tastes like dirt) and about 1.5 inches of stolichnaya vanilla vodka left in the bottle. i'd drink the vodka, but i don't like drinking alone, and i'd drink the soda, but it'd only help keep me awake, more from the desire to finish drinking it than from the caffeine. besides that, every time i go to sleep in this state i have fuckoff weird dreams (like last night).

so once again my body is dead tired but my mind is fully awake. why does this happen so often?

i think i'll go to sleep anyway. if i have another weird dream i'll let you know (i'm not detailing the one from last night due to personal confidences which come into play in one of the situations involved).
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