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i really hate these things. - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
i really hate these things.

Name: well, if you mean legal name, Kimberly Ann. but i usually spell it Kymberly instead.
Gender: female
AKA: SyKochiK, Shinigami, Shimegami, duoindrag, Yuuga Okaya, several other names that i'll admit to referring to myself by only in my own head
Zodiac Sign: Aries, Metal Rooster
Birth date: 11-Apr-1981
Height: this is an odd thing not to know, but i realy have no idea. i'd guess around 5'5"



Color to Wear:

Lucky number:

Piece of clothing:
this pair of jeans i bought back when i was scarily thin. i can't wear them anymore but i refuse to get rid of them.

i have too many favorite quotes to remember just one.

How many people have you slept with:
well, if you're going by the strict idiomatic definition, 3. by a looser one, 5. if you mean simply "slept in the same bed with," then it's far too many to count.

Do you have b/f or g/f:

can i steal Ang's answer? i really can't rule out bisexuality just because i've never dated a woman, especially since i tend to be turned on by men who are a little effeminate. but as far as actual sex goes, i definitely prefer men.

Your sexiest feature:
answering this question would require me to admit to being sexy, which is something i'm not prepared to do.

A place you want to have sex:
uh...right now, just having sex would be nice.

Kinky things you like:
some of you would be quite shocked that i don't mind keeping things pretty simple. but i'm always up for trying new things...

A sexual fantasy:
hmm...i don't really have any "sexual fantasies", just regualr fantasies that happen to involve sex. and most of those are really boring.

A fragrance that makes you think of sex:
shampoo. don't ask.

Largest age difference between you and a partner:
on the stricter definition of "partner", it'd be 3 years.

The best lover you've been with:
i'm not telling.

The worst lover:
not telling here either.

Last time you...

i honestly don't remember.

i'm nearly always smiling

just now, when i realized i laugh so often i can't pinpoint the last time i laughed.

Gotten a phone call:
umm...i don't remember. nobody ever calls me.

Which is better

Sunrise or Sunset?
i like both.

Sweet or Sour?

Old or New?

Hot or cold?
i don't really like either. i like things in between.

Coke or Pepsi?
dr pepper.

Soft or Hard?

Yesterday or Tomorrow?
today. but yesterday does have a certain appeal...

Red or Blue?

Fast or Slow?
fast, usually. really it depends.

Blind or Deaf?
oh god no. paraplegic befroe either.

Open or Closed?

Bath or Shower?
oooh, i haven't had a bath in ages...but i prefer showers anyway.

Black or White?

Ocean or Forest?
i have limited experience with oceans...the forest is prettier but has more bugs. so i'll go with ocean.

Dogs or Cats?
both. or either. i love them all :)

Day or Night?

Cremation or Burial?

Even or Odd?

City or Countryside?
a good mixture of both.

Vanilla or Chocolate?

Sun or Rain?
rain. though that's only because i haven't seen rain in so long.

Pen or Pencil?
pencil. i screw up way too much to use ink on anything but crosswords :)

Summer or Winter?
autumn. definitely autumn.

Destiny or Choice?
i really can't answer this. i have too much evidence in both directions.

Alone or Together?

Silver or Gold?
silver. though gold looks better on me.

Yes or No

You keep a diary: duh!
You sketch or do things while on the phone: yes
You have a secret: of course.
You snore: sometimes
You procrastinate: i wish i didn't.
You fold your underwear: no
You talk in your sleep: sometimes. i have had entire conversations in my sleep, with people who thought i was awake because i was talking to them.
You eat fast: depends. if i'm alone i do. if there are people there to talk to, i don't.
You get horny: show me someone who doesn't.
A naked photo of you exists: yes, but you can't have it.
When the alarm goes off you immediately get up: never. i always get up before or after.
Do you like this quiz? no, i really don't. but i'm bored.
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