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*bounce* - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
気持: otaku
okay...now that i'm a little less scared, i'm gonna talk about what i was gonna talk about last night before i pushed the answering machine play button...

fiona and i, for our japanese semester project, are making a manga. a very bizarre manga about this guy who finds out that he can magically transform into a giant noodle with superpowers. while we were sitting in Boston's (a pizza place/sports bar that has surprisingly good fettucine) planning the storyline, we decided he needed a transformation sequence. but, well, we didn't know how to execute that sort of thing in non-animated form. so of course, i suggested we go to the comic shop and get some Sailor Moon manga ^_^

of course, one can never go to a comic shop without looking around to see what else they've got. i ended up spending more than i really wanted to, but i have not been disappointed :)

this time, everything i bought was Gundam Wing-related. usually i get a Dragonball or Card Captor Sakura manga, but they had two GWs i wanted. i bought the compilation form of both Episode Zero (the stories about how they came to be gundam pilots; meant to be in the series but they couldn't fit it in the production schedule) and Battlefield of Pacifists, which i haven't read yet, but it's yet another one of those "what happened between the series and OAV" stories.

then we started looking thru the other assorted anime paraphernalia, and we saw a stack of "pencilboards". they're this laminated sort of plastic, a little bigger than a mousepad, and they have anime pictures on them. my guess as to their purpose is that you're supposed to put it under your paper when you're writing to make the pencil lines smoother. there were a few GW ones but i picked this one:

and then we noticed a stack of used laminated posters for like $3 each. so we flipped thru them...and i swear i think fiona thought i was having a brain hemorrhage or something when i saw this:

this is the poster i have been trying to find available for literally years, ever since i saw it for sale on a website (which was perpetually sold out of it until they finally just took it out of their catalog). i seriously never expected to even see this poster in person, let alone buy it. i was grinning and gushing like an idiot about it for at least an hour, and i'm starting to again just thinking about how happy it makes me.

oh, fiona bought stuff too. she bought a Sailor Stars manga, an Ah! My Goddess! pencilboard (a translucent one of Skuld looking very cute and fairy-like in green), and a Sailor Moon poster in which, for some reason, all the girls are wearing black dresses like they're goths or something.

but none of that stuff is as cool as my poster!!!!! ^_~
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