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neither a borrower nor a lender be: a rant - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
neither a borrower nor a lender be: a rant
気持: frustrated
about 6 weeks ago, i came across a copy of Gauntlet Legends for Dreamcast. having partially played and liked the N64 version when my brother rented it, and having seen that a friend's copy of the DC version looked pretty cool, i bought it. i generally only played it when i was stressed and had some tension to work out by killing things, so i didn't really object when a friend rather on the fringe of my small circle asked to borrow it 2 weeks ago.

when he returned it last Saturday, the manual was missing but i didn't see this as a big problem. i decided to play it a little before going to bed. as is my habit, i glanced at the bottom of the disc to check for dirt before trying to load the disc. i thought it looked a little funny, but it looked clean so i paid no attention. close lid, press power button...

nothing. i get the little screen asking you if you're sure there's a disc in there. usually when this happens, it means there's some dirt or something on the disc that i missed. so i take the disc out, inspect the bottom...

the bottom of the disc is entirely covered in radial scratches, like someone had tried to clean it using a brillo pad. plus there are other normal scratches, which weren't there when i loaned the disc. 4 or 5 applications of scratch remover/cleaning solution later, the disc does work. barely. the first level (i started over because i couldn't be arsed to figure out which VMU had the save file) works fine. levels 2 and 3 took several restart/recleaning cycles to finish because the game kept crashing. moving around a bit it all it takes for level 4 to crash.

as you may guess, i am most displeased. i have voiced this displeasure to my friend, who has outright refused to buy me a new game, saying it was my fault for lending it to him. of course i no longer consider this person my friend.

but i still want to play this game. so, this afternoon i went out in search of another copy. no dice. nowhere. not even used.

and then there's the problem of what to do with the broken copy i've got. my now ex-friend suggested that i sell it to a place that sells used games to finance a new copy. but i wouldn't feel right selling back a game that i know is broken.

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