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okay, cjd's comment in ajr's journal about manga based off… - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
okay, cjd's comment in ajr's journal about manga based off a movie turning out to be shite made me remember that i bought Gundam Wing: Battlefield of Pacifists. and i hated it.

i have never seen so much out-of-characterness in an official manga in my entire life. the only character that seemed even partially on-target was Dorothy, but it was odd that she had as large a role as she did in the story, seeing as she's somewhat of a minor (pivotal, but minor nonetheless) character in the series.

the basic plot is as follows: the story takes place between the end of the TV series and the beginning of the OVA. there's an unmanned mobile doll factory floating somewhere in space, and the only two people who knew for sure that it was real and actually out there were Duke Dermail (Dorothy's grandfather, dead) and Tubarov (also dead). well, somehow two groups find out about it: an OZ faction that is somehow still in existence even though the end of the series happened (i know Nick hasn't seen it so i won't say what happened), and a radical pacifist group. the obvious third group involved being our favorite teenage guerillas. ^_^ Quatre and Wufei each go off alone (separately) to investigate the other groups. Wufei goes to investigate the OZ faction, and tells them he'll help them because the leader's ideas and reasons are intriguing (okay, so that's in character). Quatre goes off to meet the pacifist group, and gets (surprise!) brainwashed into attacking Trowa and Duo on the moon. they cure Quatre's brainwashing, Heero finds out how to find out where the satellite is and what the password is to activate it, and they all go off in search of it, clichéd battle ensues between all 3 groups with Wufei in opposition to the other 4 Gundam pilots. Gundam pilots win.

the story itself isn't horrible. it is rather cliché if you've seen the series and OVA, but it has potential. it's the execution and dialogue that are horribly off. not to mention that it's flopped *grr*

Trowa talks too much. he's even expressive at times, and not just in that philosophical way he has. while Quatre's lying there sweating and convulsing trying to shake off the effects of his brainwashing, Trowa's standing right there, wiping Quatre's forehead and telling everyone around how strong and good-hearted Quatre is.

When Heero goes to visit Dorothy to get information (another stumper), Duo calls Relena and tells her Heero's going to be there. of course she shows up, Heero brushes her off. but she doesn't fight it. she doesn't even talk to him, really.

then later, during the battle Quatre and Duo are aboard the ship of the pacifist group, and they have to stop the guy there from making all the mobile dolls in the plant attack everyone else. first of all, where the hell is everyone else that would be aboard such a massive ship? secondly, Duo fells the guy with a karate chop to the back of the neck. WTF?!?!! this is Duo, the guy who gets beat up every few episodes in the series, and even in the OVA. and we're expected to believe that he magically acquired karate skills for the interim?

i doubt anyone will actually read this far...but i had to bitch about it somewhere ^_^
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