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got bored at work again... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
got bored at work again...
気持: exhausted

well, it all started when i noticed the purple higlighter sitting there in the pencil cup that we keep writing utensils people leave so that other people can borrow them:

then i found an art pencil left at a keyboard, and started doodling. when i looked at the paper, i found this girl there:

she kinda looks like my cousin Marcy, who has the most amazing deep blue eyes i've ever seen, eyes that i'd kill to have, and beautiful straight hair that doesn't tangle every time she moves, and she's tall too...bleh, now i've gotten myself all depressed. someday somebody's gotta think i'm beautiful too, right?
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hawkida From: hawkida Date: Monday 29th April 2002 03.13 (UTC) (Link)

Do you take orders for doodles?

valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Monday 29th April 2002 09.35 (UTC) (Link)
i have before, actually. in high school i made up this really artistic way to write my initials, and a friend of mine asked me if i'd do the same for her. no one's asked me to do anything specific for them since then though ^_^
tizzle_b From: tizzle_b Date: Monday 29th April 2002 15.00 (UTC) (Link)
I'll have an illustrated 'Tafka' (use imagination :P) if you want :)
valamelmeo From: valamelmeo Date: Monday 29th April 2002 15.55 (UTC) (Link)


well...if i knew what exactly a "tafka" was or what it represented...unless of course it's just a random nonsense word, in which case i think i could have some fun with that ^_^