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last night... - love like me ・ 日記
non solum memento mori, memento vivere sed etiam
last night...
気持: tired
was definitely an experience...went out with fiona for what will probably be the last time, since i'm going to be hella busy the rest of this week till i move, and she'll be moving to new orleans next month (and thus won't be here next semester, even if i do decide to come back).

we had dinner at chevy's (awesome mexican food, i think it's a california-based chain) and then we hung out at fiesta mall while we decided what to do that night. i'm not much for bars or clubs, just because out here they're all meat markets and i'm out to have fun, not to get accosted by a bunch of guys who want to take me home with them.so we went to gameworks.

yes, an arcade. it's open till 1am on friday/saturday nights, mainly because there's a bar upstairs (it's 18-and-over only after 10pm). so we played video games. in fact, we monopolized one of their two dance dance revolution (i must get this game) machines for awhile, because phillip always refuses to play it with her. of course we sucked at it because you couldn't hear the music over the crap the dj upstairs was spinning, wasted a bunch of quarters playing 2-player tetris and super mario brothers...

anyway, when we decided we'd spent enough money, we went back to her apartment, waxed philosophical about how society is going to shit and that way too many people are deluding themselves about way too many things, and how it's fun to burst people's bubbles like that if you can.

i came home at 8am, which is when i wrote everything before this sentence, but for some reason i fell asleep before clicking "post" ^_^
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